About Us

We are a philanthropy organization, our target is to give free college admission counseling service to high school students in China, we give advices for following:

– Standard tests
– Social activities
– Competition
– Science research
– Investigation (Social, Field, Internet)
– English training intitutions
– School selection
– How to choose College Admissions Counselor
– Summer school in USA
– Personal Statement

We publish Chinese student addimission list and corresponding counseling institution on an annual basis:
2020 enrollment (Class of 2024) approx. 1,800 records
2021 enrollment (Class of 2025) approx. 3,100 records

We periodically organize road show to high schools in China, including following topics:
– Students in top universities (Princeton, Brown, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Wellesley, Amherst etc.) introducing application experience
– College Admission Counseling institution Fair (Presentation + Booth)
– College Fair (Presentation + Booth)

All above activities are free of charge.

Please contact us: marketing@application.guide